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Granel provides Buyers & Sellers across the globe with a customized and economical approach to realizing their winemaking vision.


With many years of experience in the California wine trading culture, Granel is equipped with the knowledge required to construct bulk wine deals. We provide a customized approach for every client, ensuring that all Buyers & Sellers pursue the ideal solution to meet their specific goals. Granel works across California and covers all American Viticultural Areas to connect our clients with their desired vintages, varieties and appellations.



Granel’s ability to connect

Buyers with producers expands beyond domestic borders and reaches deep into the wine producting regoins of the world. Our suppliers in Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain offer Granel the ability to match your stylistic preferences. From premium bottled to bulk import wines Granel is effective as an international sourcing by offering a multitude quality or pricing tiers.  

Bulk Wine

 The wine industry is rapidly expanding across the United States. From the burgeoning Pacific Northwest to the hot bed of Texas, emerging markets can look to Granel for expertise in supplementing your winery’s production and portfolio. The breadth of our supplier sourcing can provide quality wines to any buyer in a fiscally responsible manner. Our goal will always be to help you to grow your wine program at the best price available.

United States

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